A Coaching Group for Accelerated Growth

Do you know, or suspect, there is more for you than the good life you’re having? A great life, even?

In creating your current life have you sought, studied, learned and tried many sources and resources? And learned that the most powerful resource is within you?

Although you may have pursued a lot of your growth alone, have you noticed how the journey was easier when you gathered with other like-minded people who were as interested in a great life as you?

And finally, are you un-willing to have your growth be a long, hard slog?

If any of this resonates with you, there is a brand new resource which you may like. It’s a series of short telephone-based, small group courses and Coaching led by me, Steve Straus.

You want what you want when you want it!

That may not seem particularly profound, but it’s amazing how many resources don’t move as rapidly as we would like. Nor are the results as significant as we expected. That’s the unfortunate nature of one-size-fits-all teaching models. I believe you will see a difference in what is being described here.

The basic idea.

As humans, you and I have many attributes. On one hand, we have a physical, logical, linear ability to process our lives. We have become good at figuring things out. If you’re reading this, you have probably created quite some success for yourself. Part of the way we process our world is with a Newtonian physics approach – cause and effect, action and results, hands-on participative engagement. And it has probably worked for you. Some of the tools of this approach are thinking, goal setting, time management (what a misnomer!), delegation and leverage.

Beyond that linear and logical mind-based approach the other main way we experience life is in a creative, intuitive, spontaneous way, spiritual even. This is not something which can be understood in our heads, but is the domain of our hearts and spirits. Some of the tools of this way are meditation, prayer, yoga, silence, connection with nature, and many other non-mental processes. But still, the programming of the linear mind stand as barriers to accessing this greater domain. This is thus the thrust of the small-group Coaching I’m providing and, fortunately, removing the barriers is quick and wonderfully effective.

You have not found all you want in life, a great life, through action/doing, by only trying to figure things out. The answers to your questions have increasingly come from beyond the limits of your mind. No matter how great our minds, they are still limited, finite. To know, in addition to being a physical being you are a spiritual being, part of an infinite resource, is freeing and uplifting. To tap into and be supported and guided by this is terrific.

It is head and heart. Thinking and feeling. Doing and being.

It’s where I am now. For over 28 years I’ve had the very good fortune to be discovering, applying and sharing what I’m here for, my purpose. Through the many years I’ve served people as a Coach, change agent, author, and workshop leader my purpose has gotten clearer to me. It’s to assist people on their journey. As I do so I also learn, grow, and have more to offer. The process feeds itself.

You may have already found the same to be true for you. The structure I’m now providing will help you accelerate your growth from a good life to a great one by effectively combining head and heart, thinking and feeling, doing and being.

The basic structure is:

>  Join a small group of a dozen folks who are as advanced in their growth as you. You will be surrounded by, supported by, and contribute to, a wonderful pool of non-judgmental, eager-to-learn-and-grow energy.
>  Meet by telephone conference call for twelve Coaching sessions, one hour each, twice per month for 6 months. Each call is recorded for your private review.
>  Have a planned curriculum based in a specific, known resource, in this case it’s a book. There are simple and low time requirements between sessions for study/prep; most work will occur right during each call. However, if you choose to do more between calls, you’ll grow faster.
>  I’ll be your guide, teacher, and Coach through the material to speed your awareness and growth, but you will participate during each session. This is far beyond a simple lecture/book review, it is an experiential learning process where you acquire knowledge then apply it immediately and experience your results first-hand.

The book we’ll be using as the group resource is Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender by David R. Hawkins. This fabulous work is the last he wrote before he completed his journey and is, I think, his most accessible and immediately useful. But it is rich with content and benefits from study and application not just a quick read, thus its particular usefulness for a group such as ours.

Hawkins’ first, and most famous, book was Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior where he introduced a scientific basis for calibrating and supporting spiritual growth. While it and his other books have been widely praised and utilized I feel Letting Go summarizes most clearly the lifetime observations he made and is, as I said, his most accessible work. It is a wonderful and useful resource for us. If you have already gotten a copy, read it starting now. If not, I suggest you do so, whether you join our group or not. It’s that good.

If you think you want to be a member, here are some of the details. There are several components to each group call:

o  Before each call I will publish a few bullet points about that call’s topic. This will help you focus your attention on key points as you read that part of the book. There will typically be 15-20 minutes of reading.
o  We open each call with a brief check-in for anyone who has some personal results to report to the group. Briefly.
o  I provide a 10-12 minute treatment of the day’s subject. I give my ‘take’ on Hawkins’ material, particularly addressing any points I feel need emphasis or clarification. For those who have experienced me you know I’m rich with metaphors and real-life examples. With humor! I help give traction to what may seem somewhat esoteric or difficult.
o  We then open the floor for discussion and include your personal experiences relative to the day’s topic. This is where we personalize the subject. It’s about you owning the material and concepts, not simply understanding them. Your day-to-day life is what matters.
o  The last half of each call will be inner work, discovering and changing the inner programming in your mind which act as barriers to having the great life you want. I will teach and demonstrate several techniques you will utilize to affect your own changes. The programming barriers you have are akin to viruses in a computer. First you must locate them, then you run processes to eliminate them. As has been said, “We are the hurdles we must leap to become ourselves.” In the absence of your barriers, life, your life, your great life, unfolds quicker and easier.

By using this approach we take the major topics of the book in small bites, learning a piece, personalizing it, applying the appropriate change tools, and experiencing – right during the call – improved results. Doing this for six months with the group, you experience fundamental, significant growth.

In my years as a Coach I’ve grown in what I see works easily and what doesn’t. Easier is better!

To work vigorously toward an outcome is a classic, and generally effective, way to get the outcomes you want. However, an easier way is to discover and vaporize the obstacles which stand in the way. Since most of your obstacles are internal to you, not ‘out there,’ you can do this most effectively with a little help from me and with the combined power of a group of like-minded folks.

Using the Letting Go book as a guideline/road map to assist in identifying your internal barriers, then learning and being guided by me through some proven change processes, I expect you will find rapid and pleasing improvements over the course of our time together.

Thus some of the results I expect for you are:
> Less internal baggage
> Easier progress
> More pleasing outcomes
> Greater awareness of you and your life journey.

Plus, the tools and processes you learn and practice will be with you for life. Long after the coaching program is through you can quickly jump on any issue which arises and just as quickly resolve it by yourself.

The fee for this Coaching program is $250 per month, a fraction of the cost of a private Coaching relationship. It is paid by a monthly electronic charge. Some will want to pay for the full six month program up front by check. They receive a 10% discount.

Two groups of twelve are forming, one daytime and one evening. Specifically, the day group call will be on the first and third Wednesday’s of each month at 4:00pm CT (that’s Texas time!) and the evening group will be on the first and third Tuesday’s of each month at 7:00pm CT. Each will start in May.

As I’m now widely distributing this notice to and through my extensive network of people who have coached/trained with me I expect both groups to fill quickly.

Admittedly I’m an impatient guy. I’m quick to learn new things and usually somewhat fast to master them, interested and excited about personal growth, who loves to learn and grow with small groups of committed people who are at similar places in their journeys. Maybe you’re impatient for a great life too?

Contact me at Steve@StrausUSA.com or 903-786-4786.

Steve Straus

PS – Thanks for telling others who you feel would be interested in a program of accelerated growth such as this. Who would you like to have be a part of your group?