S:0004 Attainment: Living

(Attainments are levels of growth along a path of development.)


Level 5 – Living
Completely engaged, with virtually no resistance, misdirection, errors or problems. Your life is handled, so you get to play and create. Internally motivated vs. externally.

Level 4 – Doing Well
Fairly effortless production, substantial results, ease in relationships, few fears, plenty of insurance and insulation, so you find life to be fun.

Level 3 – Managing
Good-enough place to be; you’re responding well to what comes in and are being responsible. Taking care of yourself. Usually producing, yet not up to your potential. May need a stimulus to move up to the next stage.

Level 2 – Asleep
Numb, not aware, missing a lot of life. Even if you are working hard, perspective is limited and plans are not integrated. Requires a shock, a challenge, crisis or wakeup call to start growing.

Level 1 – Surviving
Hand-to-mouth existence, always looking for the threat, consequence-avoidance motivated, adrenaline oriented, victim identity. Overreacts, misses subtle pleasures. Attracts similar types, so you assume this is normal. Money is a problem, people are objects from which to protect oneself, richness of life and ease are pipedreams.


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