S:0027 Attainment: Handle It!

(Attainments are levels of growth along a path of development.)


Level 5 – Handle It! Take the necessary actions to fully resolve the problem or situation, whatever time or effort it takes. Ultimately, you learn how to handle things completely so they never come up again.

Level 4 – Face It To learn how to turn to something head-on — zero degrees! — to embrace whatever it is and include it in your life. Change or action is required and natural when you face something.

Level 3 – Look At It The act of being with the problem, situation or yourself and seeing much or all of it; a fresh, deeper view, usually with help. It may come from hitting bottom or a mighty shock: haze clears and the obvious is seen, causing change.

Level 2 – Medicate It Attempt to salve using substances, people, the mind or behavior. You medicate because you have too many feelings, emotional reactions or sensations to hold onto and not freak out. Growth and recovery is required to move through this stage.

Level 1 – Deny It Can’t see, or won’t see, something about oneself, another or a situation, which is true. Sensations may be so far down and the buffer so thick that you simply can’t see the lie. Or you may not take them seriously because they are new or contrary to what your ego needs.


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