S:0035 Attainment: Flow

(Attainments are levels of growth along a path of development.)


Level 5 – Flow Highest natural state where you follow the path of least resistance.

Level 4 – Momentum Continuous motion, which implies a steady source of energy causing the movement. With momentum, change can occur much more easily, such as turning a boat requires momentum.

Level 3 – Movement Some motion, however small.

Level 2 – Inertia The force that must be overcome in order to move from a dead stop. Inertia is common and normal and not a measure of weakness.

Level 1 – Blocked Blocks should be the exception and handled immediately, though we usually tolerate them. Incompletions, ignorance and unmet needs block everyone. It is important to recognize that you are blocked, get to the source of it and resolve it so your system can flow again.


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