S:0051 Top 10 List: To Set Better Goals & Reach Them Faster (2 of 3)

4. Discover what motivates you in every part of your personal and business life.
Americans are motivated by external forces, ideas, advertising and pressures more than we are by the goals or wants that we have. It’s worthwhile to identify what makes you tick, where the ideas for your goals come from and what has you drive yourself. Only with this self-understanding and awareness can you start making true choices about your life.

5. To be healthier, begin a comprehensive program of Extreme Self Care, not just a goal to lose 25 pounds.
Losing weight can be the result of a fundamental change in your life-style, not just a goal to reach. Set a broader goal than just losing weight, such as practicing the 10 principles of Extreme Self Care (developed by the coaches at Coach University). By working on yourself at this level, the weight will come off on its own, because you’re focusing on all of yourself which is the key to sustained weight loss.

6. Coordinate a support system to help you keep on track for the goals that you have set.
Nothing worth accomplishing today is worth accomplishing alone. It is now routine to include as many supportive people in your “goal” as you wish, thus making the process easier and more enjoyable. Interdependence and Interdevelopmental are the approaches of the 90s versus the Independent approach that worked well in the past. Sure, you can motivate yourself, but where’s the joy in that!


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