6. Pagers
Send out messages (email, alphanumeric or text) throughout the day to keep everyone updated and motivated.

7. Website/Intranet
Websites are now also becoming data collection and gathering stations. Rather than a branch manager sending an email or writing up a text report, they just go to the company’s website and key into a pre-designed form that will then forward the information to a database, and generate a report to the virtual manager. It reduces the number of emails flying around.

8. Project Management Software
There are several good packages available that help the Virtual Manager keep in touch with all aspects of a project.

9. Groupware Software
This is collaboration and tracking software (like Lotus Notes) that lets everyone on the team communicate directly with other members (and with you as virtual manager) without having to talk with them one-on-one or be at the same place at the same time.

10. Goals and Vision
What is the glue that keeps the team working given you’re not physically present? Usually a great goal, a shared vision or game plan is all that’s needed to keep veryone focused and excited. This, plus the management/tracking/training/reporting techniques described above, makes virtual management work well.


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