S:0072 Top 10 List: Ways to Respond 100% to Any Problem Or Situation (2 of 2)

Problems come to us because we missed an earlier “message.” So, by the time we experience something as a PROBLEM, it’s likely been a problem for a while — we just didn’t know it. It’s actually GOOD to overreact when you DO notice a problem.

6. If you gain weight: Reinvent your entire diet/exercise program and life-style.

7. If you have an argument with your spouse: Have both of you take a marriage communication class and learn about each other’s needs.

8. If your spouse divorces you (and you didn’t want this): Start a 2 year process of self-discovery where you come to understand yourself and life far more than you do today.

9. If you aren’t earning enough money: Train for another profession or a rapid advancement.

10. If you get a speeding ticket: Decide to always obey the speed limit for as long as you live.


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