The following is from the International Coach Federation:

1. Coaches subscribe to common philosophies, and pursue common objectives.
2. Coaching helps individuals and organizations to develop more rapidly and produce more satisfying results.
3. Coaching focuses on the goals the client chooses.
4. Coaching is tailored to the individual needs of the client.
5. Coaching is interactive.
6. Coaches, for the most part, elicit solutions and strategies from the client.
7. Coaches provide a fresh perspective.
8. Coaches help their clients build on their natural strengths.
9. Coaches believe that the client is creative and resourceful.
10. Coaches believe the client is responsible for doing the work to achieve the results he or she wants.
11. Coaches look at how all parts of a person’s life work together.
12. The power of coaching comes from the strength of the bond between coach and client.


Coaching Point: No, this is not a sales pitch about having a coach. The question for you is “how are you applying these definitions with the people in your life”? Your employees, your family, your friends?


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