S:0217 Quote: Spending Money To Get Approval

(Quotes are capsules of information, reinforcement or enlightenment.)


“The point is that we are constantly trying to win people’s approval because we are not taught to grant ourselves our own approval. In doing so, we usually spend a lot of cash frantically buying things and giving money away, hoping that somehow these actions will make us okay.
. . . .
Either people accept you or they don’t. You did not come here to be manipulated, just to keep people happy. What you are is what you are. You can change it. But first you have to accept it, for it is the truth. In accepting yourself, you don’t have to get into a huge ego trip, but you do have to come to the point of being satisfied with what you are.
. . . .
Once you can accept yourself and feel comfortable with that, then the world accepts you. . . . . It is only when you feel insecure about who you are that other people don’t like you. Have you ever wondered why? Because basically, people who don’t accept themselves are very insecure. That insecurity is projected, others react negatively. It reminds them of their own vulnerability.”

Stuart Wilde (from his book The Trick To Money Is Having Some!)


Coaching Point: It’s not easy accepting yourself — warts and all — but it is necessary in order to change your spending patterns. Who can help you?


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