S:0364 Principle: Streams to Rivers

(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


If you live in the USA, or have visited, you are probably familiar with the Colorado River. Images of the river include the wild one at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, the huge lakes such as Mead, Powell and Glen Canyon, and the powerful hydroelectric stations at Hover Dam and others. This over-1400 mile long river has carved its place in the earth and in our hearts.

Recently I was hiking beside the Colorado River near its headwaters in Rocky Mountain National Park. There the river was only ten feet wide and a few inches deep, twisting and bubbling gently over smooth stones, no different from countless other mountain streams. There was no evidence of the majesty it would project far downstream.

People are like that. You never know how they will turn out. From a gentle, quiet today, they may grow to have an incredible impact tomorrow. Look at your children, your grandchildren, or other children in your life. There is no way to know how big their future can be.

And look at yourself. What contribution will you make? If you keep flowing and growing like the Colorado River, your impact could be bigger than you imagine today.


Copyright 2002 Steve Straus. All rights reserved.