S:0553 Principle: Addictions

(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


While others may use different definitions of the word addiction, it is used here to define anything you can t not do. If you know consciously that there is something you want to not do, but do it anyway, that s an addiction, big or little.

Many/most addictions are developed to help you avoid something scary. An addiction is frequently a pain avoidance tool, even though the addiction may bring its own pain.

A good starting point for change is to list your addictions: — Food (sugar, chocolate, salty snacks….) — Chemicals (alcohol, caffeine, nicotine….) — Behaviors (playing computer games, reading romance novels….) — Thoughts (poor me, I can t have…., I must do….)

Listing them causes you to become more aware of them. Even if you are painfully aware of one, listing them helps you see them all. Then you have an opportunity to see patterns.


Coaching Point: Pick one addiction — a small one — and stop it cold. What underlying scary emotion surfaces? What pain were you avoiding by having the addiction? Therefore, what do you need to handle or clean up?

[Coaching is different from psychotherapy, which is different than a 12-Step program, which is different than shock treatments, which is different than prayer, which is different than…. Use the tool which works for you.]


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