(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


Doing. Do. In action. It’s useful to do, to take action. But…what to do?

Your actions can be based on your goals; that could be helpful. Your actions could be based on your shoulds; probably less helpful. What’s a good compass for your doing? Try desire.

The word desire, as it is used here, is much more than a wish or a need, more even than a want. Desire comes from your core being. It taps into your reason for being here, your life purpose. Desire is motivating, compelling, energizing, well…desirable!

But few people allow themselves to know what they really desire and, of those who do, few know what to do about it. Which gets to the Doing part of this Principle.

Doing without desire is thrashing. Desire without doing is…nothing.

When you know what you desire and then set out to do something about it, magic happens. To know you desire something, that’s useful. To be in action, that’s useful. To marry your Doing with your Desire is your point of greatest personal power. It shows you, and others, what’s really important to you.

And you will accomplish more, easier.


Coaching Point: What does your Doing demonstrate about your Desire?


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