S:0769 Principle: Pull

(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


The famous classical pianist frequently heard people say how much they admired his playing. One day a fan gushed, “I’d give my life to be able to play as well as you.” His simple reply — “I have” — said everything.

So, why would someone give everything to get something? While there are countless reasons, one stands out when you study highly successful people. They have a passion for what they do, for what they are creating. It pulls them.

Sure, you can be driven to succeed, but pull works better. When you are drawn to create, to take actions, and to develop as you go, you are much more likely to be in alignment with your life purpose.

People who are driven are frequently merely trying to win a game so that they can then do something else. The “so that” and the “then” are tip-offs that they are not moving directly toward their passion.

Passion, pull, provides more of a straight line to what you really want.

Finding what pulls you may not be easy or quick, but it is worth it.


Coaching Point: What pulls you?


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