S:0861 Principle: Beliefs

(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


Beliefs are powerful and useful. They provide guidance and shortcuts. They can free you to operate well in your world. Of course, they can also (no, they probably do!) disagree with some of the beliefs of others. Politics, religion, science — all have their beliefs.

You may notice that a common trait of people who live highly successful lives is that they frequently look beyond their beliefs to see what there is to see, to experience what there is to experience. By doing so they have discovered something interesting.

Experience trumps belief.

Once you have experienced something, you no longer need to have a belief about it. Does having that direct experience invalidate a belief? No, of course not. Or, it may. It depends on what your experience is.

In politics, volunteer to get into the inner workings until you see how legislation really comes about.

In religion, meditate/pray until you get beyond your mind to experience…whatever you experience.

In science, conduct experiments until you really understand phenomena.

Beliefs are useful. Experience is, too.


Coaching Point: Most people find it threatening to have a new fact/piece of data/experience challenge one of their long-held beliefs. Do you?


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