(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


In the film business FPS means frames per second. To an engineer it stands for feet per second. For other arenas FPS has other meanings. In this S3MC F-P-S is short for ‘first there is Form, then there is Power, and finally there is Strength.’

This model is easily observed in a gym. A new gym attendee will be shown how (if being guided by a trained trainer) to do a new exercise by first using lighter weights and learning how to move through the full range of motion properly to achieve the maximum effect of the exercise. This lessens the chance of injury while building an unconscious mastery of the form of motion.

The trainer will then assist the new attendee in adding weights, incrementally, over many weeks, to begin to build power. By having previously focused on form they will find it easy to increase the weights as the muscle or muscle group gets stronger. At some point a maximum weight and maximum power is reached for that individual on that exercise. They are then ready for the last step.

Strength is when you let go of measuring yourself by the performance of anyone else. Oh sure, you may be inspired by their performance and encouraged to step yours up, but you recognize that strength transcends power because strength comes from within.

Strength is evident in how the weights are put down — someone focused on power drops the weights with a grunt while a person with strength lowers the weights, keeping the weights, and him or her self, fully under control.

Form sets the stage. Power builds. Strength serves.


Coaching Point: How does this apply for you outside the gym? What strengths have you developed so well that you no longer need power?


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