(Distinctions are subtleties of language that, when gotten, cause a shift in a belief, behavior, value or attitude.)


People who have the in-born, DNA-level wiring to do something are said to be ‘naturals’ at that something. Athletes, musicians, teachers, mathematicians, Coaches, parents, sales people, artists, everywhere you look and in every endeavor there are people who are naturals. It’s their gift at birth.

However, most don’t become successful until they study, learn, and apply. That’s when they become professionals. The natural athlete may be successful in high school, but flame out at higher levels because they don’t perfect their gift.

One of the ways you can be of assistance to someone who you see as being a natural is to tell them what you see, then encourage them to learn how to maximize their gift. Let them know that stopping short — because things have always seemed easy to them — is a path to mediocrity.

By the way, if everyone would discover what they are ‘wired’ to do and then did it, they would enjoy uncommon success. Too often people are guided into careers which are not their true calling, where they are not naturals, and spend their time struggling.

A pro will work hard at perfecting their natural area of expertise, but rarely will they describe it as “struggle.”


Coaching Point: Is it worth it to you, growing from natural to professional?


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