S:0883 Quote: Creativity

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“Creativity is the opposite of conformity.”

Thomas Leonard


Coaching Point: Conformity? Ugh, sounds confining. Being controlled.

I have a good friend who is a Texas Sheriff. His department has a large jail. He has remarked how common it is for a newly-released inmate to find himself/herself quickly back in jail. When interviewed they will say that they could not cope on the ‘outside’ because there was no one to tell them when to get up, when to eat, when to… They had no structure for success. They had been in conformity.

Minds, thinking, can be about conforming, matching the stored past to the current situation. That frequently leads to an absence of creativity.

Creativity is the opposite of conformity.

In order to create you and I have to step away from conforming, at least for a while, and tap into a different place, a different energy.

Inspiration. Inspired. In-spirit. In other words, out of our minds!

How do you best create?


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