(Great questions lead to great answers; weak questions, weak ones.)


“How good can I stand for my life to be?”


Coaching Point: At first glance this may seem like a nonsensical question. You might think most people would have the knee-jerk reaction, “I want it all. Bring it on!” But that’s not the case. Everybody has their limits.

“If I get a LOT of money I’ll have to learn how to manage it, I might then lose it, and that scares me.”

“If I get really famous I’ll have to deal with pushy paparazzi and lose my privacy.”

“If I get too successful I’ll outshine my hardworking dad and I worry that will hurt his feelings.”

“If I get a great spouse I may not be good enough for him/her.”

“If I get complete freedom to do whatever I want I may do bad things.”

Nobody can exceed for long the limits they have, whether known or unknown, and everybody has deeply programmed limits. Do you know what some of yours are?

How good can you stand it?


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