(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


Dense jungle can be intimidating. I was recently reminded of such while reading an engaging, humorous, interesting book about the Inca culture of Peru (Turn Right at Machu Picchu: Rediscovering the Lost City One Step at a Time by Mark Adams).

To make progress in a jungle you have to blaze a trail. Machete in hand, the jungle yields slowly. In the jungle of my mind two thoughts emerged.

One, when you are the one blazing the trail you are not only making progress for yourself, you are making it easier for those following.

Second, when you are the one following you can make it easier for the trail blazer by carrying more of the load, leaving them free to clear the path.

From time to time we play each role.

Teacher, scientist, business creator, author, thinker, artist, parent – trail blazers all. Taking the risks, showing the way, opening the path for themselves and others.

Supporter, learner, encourager, heavy-lifter – following the new path easier and quicker, while carrying more of the load.

Both roles are necessary.


Coaching Point: Where are you blazing a trail? Where are you following a trail blazer?


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