S:1039 Principle: Hard Becomes Easy

(Principles are basic truths that, when applied, cause success to come to you easier and quicker.)


Talking with one of my grandsons about his struggle with a math class I asked him a question, “What are your thoughts about the math you learned two years ago?”

Oh well, he said, that stuff is easy. It’s this year’s which is hard. “And how about the math you learned last year?” That, too, he said was now a piece of cake.

“So if you follow that same trajectory, the math you think so daunting today will look pretty simple in a year or two, won’t it?” A quiet nod from him.

“Maybe it’s not the math which is hard. Maybe it’s just that it’s new and unfamiliar and, in your mind, you’ve decided that it’s hard. What if you pretended it is two years from now and notice this year’s math is really pretty simple? All you would need to do is find ways to help it become simple today instead of waiting two years.”

How would I do that, he asked? Maybe a tutor. Extra study. Look up online examples. There are lots of resources. Going it alone is always harder than getting help.

The key is to quit buying into the belief that this is difficult. Look for ways to have it be easy. In other words, the way it will look in two years anyway!


Coaching Point: Of course this is not only about a schoolboy’s math class. What are you dealing with right now that seems difficult because it’s new and unfamiliar? Your view of which you could shift so that it becomes easy?


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