S:1045 Great Question: Delightfully Surprised?

(Great questions lead to great answers; weak questions, weak ones.)


“When was I last delightfully surprised?”


Coaching Point: Really, when was the last time you had a pleasant surprise? No, not the other kind, the oh-no-what-fresh-hell-is-this kind. I’m talking about the grin-inducing, uplifting kind of surprise.

Here are some attributes and causes of being delightfully surprised:

– The basic human trait of curiosity is interwoven with surprise. The more you exercise your natural propensity for curiosity the more likely you are to experience surprise.

– Beliefs and dis-beliefs can stifle surprise. The more you look at and question inherited dogma the more surprise awaits you.

– Growing to where you fully enjoy uncertainty and ambiguity sets the table for a dish of delicious surprise.

– Serendipity and synchronicity are lubricants for surprise. Be open to them.

– We are of a universe with infinite possibilities and infinite resources to fulfill those possibilities. It can seem magical, even. Being open to possibilities fosters an endless stream of delightful surprises.

Are you regularly enjoying the energy of being delightfully surprised?


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