S:1067 Quote: Change

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“All permanent change is internal.”
Steve Straus


Coaching Point: When you want to affect a change in your life it’s useful to have some supporting processes and systems in place to assist you in the change. Such as goals, reminders, scales, timers, meetings, etc. These kinds of structures certainly help.

But all of these support tools are external to you and typically supply only temporary change. Their real purpose is to help you make the internal changes – to your thinking, feeling, and behavior.

Ever know someone who did multiple diets to lose weight, but yo-yo’ed back up? Change to their thinking is required in order to reset their weight permanently.

Major league baseball pitchers require confidence, every game, every inning, every batter faced, every pitch. Ever see one of them – even with all the right external mechanics – lose their confidence and blow a game? Confidence is internal.

Ever know a sales person who has call reluctance? They know what to do and say in a sales call, but hesitate to engage because of some inner dialog which stands as a barrier to their performance. That dialog needs to be deleted, or at least upgraded, for their external performance to become automatic and effortless.

If you find yourself struggling while trying to change a behavior with external efforts, look inward and begin to discover where to make the permanent change. It’s usually not obvious, so get help with this.

What is one internal change you want to make permanent?


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