S:1137 Great Question: Truth?

(Great questions lead to great answers; weak questions, weak ones.)


“Where am I unwilling to hear the truth?”


Coaching Point: First, acknowledge that your truth is subjective, depends on your perspective, and is contextual. [That’ll get me mail!]

Second, seeing or hearing your truth can feel uncomfortable when the truth is a little stinky. That very discomfort is an indicator that there is some unseen truth. Be glad for the discomfort, it will show you what you need to address.

Finally, know that not wanting to see some piece of truth can also be because it may (probably will) pierce some self-image or thoughts you hold dear. Oh dear!

The good news is that living in the truth is always less expensive, more rewarding, and ultimately more freeing than continuing to live in the dark. Have you noticed that stepping up to the truth always leads to more happiness?


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