S:1294 Quote: ‘Viking’ Wisdom

(Quotes are capsules of information, reinforcement or enlightenment.)

“Braver are many in word than in deed.”

“The overpraised are the worst deceivers.”

“When ill seed has been sown, so an ill crop will spring from it.”

A collection of ancient Viking/Scandinavian/Icelandic wisdom

Coaching Point: Many people have a limited awareness of the influence and effect from the roughly 250 years which comprise the so-called Viking Age (approximately the 8th-11th centuries). Beyond the images of ‘raider’ and ‘plunderer’ they left quite a trail of wisdom.

It can be easy to have a reaction to these quotes. More to the point, do any of these apply to ‘them’ (people who hold different views than you do) but not to you? Really?

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