(Quotes are capsules of information, reinforcement or enlightenment.)

“Virtuousness is achieved by being virtuous,
not by talking about how virtuous one is.”


Coaching Point: What does it mean to be virtuous? Honest? Maybe. Moral? Also maybe. Ethical? Again, maybe. All these fit a dictionary’s definition of virtuous.

With virtue – as with other core traits – deeds outweigh words.

Virtuousness is more about attitude and intention and actions than its mere definition. It’s a chosen approach to life. Choosing to take the high road, to not judge others, and for sure to not hold yourself as being above others because of your virtuousness.

Virtuousness is an internal standard you have which shows up externally.

Have you ever been accused of being virtuous? Were they correct?

(This idea of demonstrating rather than declaiming has been expressed by many over the years. I’m giving Aristotle credit as original source. To me the weight of the message is more important than the accuracy of source, although a non-Aristotle originator may disagree!)

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