S:1341 Great Fear: Of Feeling I’m Not Enough

(Great fears are barriers to experiencing your real life.)

Having a feeling of “I’m Not Enough” sucks. It sucks energy, enthusiasm, direction, it slowly sucks the life spirit out of you. That’s why we fear the feeling.

If you see this Great Fear show up in your life, the first step, the most important and easiest to do, is to see the distinct difference between “I’m Not Enough” and “I’m Enough.”

“I’m Enough” comes with your package. It is part of the silent peaceful background. It lifts you. There is nothing for you to do to try to feel I’m Enough; you already are.

The problem is you’ve had that knowing blocked by the loud and needy I’m Not Enough. I’m Not Enough is painful, pain gets attention, relief of pain becomes the focus.

By merely seeing the clear differences between them, you immediately, automatically, and reactively start to choose I’m Enough. I’m Enough pulls you toward outcomes you want. I’m Not Enough merely moves you away from pain.

Coaching Point: Imagine what it will be like when every day your first thought upon awakening is “I’m Enough. Now what shall I do today?” Can you imagine that?

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