(Great questions lead to great answers; weak questions, weak ones.)

“Can I just let go and follow the invisible into the unknown?”

Coaching Point: Letting go is hard. And easy.

To let go means not being in control. For some that’s too scary to even contemplate. Imagining they have their hand on the tiller of the Universe, the thought of letting go brings up images of crashing into the rocks. Their belief in being in control has been created and reinforced and honed to a fine edge by their mind.

For others letting go means enjoying, with wonder and delight, what shows up from moment to moment. Being present. Experiencing what is so, right now. Continuously. Of course heading for desired futures, with intentionality, but experiencing a continuous flow of Now. What they have let go of is the illusion of controlling the Universe.

That’s a pretty big difference. One in charge of the Universe, the other responding to what comes up. How in the world could you shift from one to the other? And why would you want to? Well…

One takes a lot of energy. The other gives it.

One has a constant, ever-present background hum of fear. The other a constant, ever-present background of peace.

One is moving from incomplete to complete, incomplete to complete, endlessly. The incomplete is when things are not the way you want them to be while striving to cause them. You do you feel complete, for a bit, then it’s off attempting to satisfy yet another incomplete. This person lives in incomplete, visiting complete occasionally.

The other person moves from complete to complete, endlessly experiencing the unfoldment of Now, every moment complete in and of itself.

But it does require letting go and following the invisible into the unknown. Are you willing to try that?

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