(Great questions lead to great answers; weak questions, weak ones.)

in me,
keeps me
from being who I want to be?”

Coaching Point: Answers to this Great Question are best discerned by breaking it into parts.

First, start at the end – who do you want to be? Have you defined it? Have you clarified why you would want to be any different from who you are right now? Are you dissatisfied? Any ‘shoulds’ going on? Been (unfavorably) comparing yourself to others? Feeling lack?

The second part is owning that you are the reason you are who you are. Some would blame their current condition on ‘out there’ rather than ‘in here’. If so, they give up all their power. Who you are right now is the result of what you have done and not done, what you believe and deny, what you think is possible or impossible. We live in the limits we set for ourselves.

The final part is realizing that the patterns stored in the subconscious, the conditioning of your life to-date, have far greater impact on outcomes than any amount of conscious mind willpower and effort. It’s like trying to run faster while continuing to wear a heavy backpack. Emptying the backpack of the subconscious makes the journey much easier.

Are you willing to look at your inner conditioning, your beliefs, behaviors, values, and attitudes, your true limitations? Willing to make changes there?

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