(Great fears are barriers to experiencing your real life.)

Fearing Danger? Well of course, seems too obvious to make it to Great Fear status, doesn’t it?

It’s listed here because it holds a great secret.

When you think of personal danger what do you first notice about it? How danger feels, maybe about your physical or emotional reactions? That makes sense – emotions and feelings are internal responses, inside you, your physical body, maybe even in your head and mind. That internal locus of focus is appropriate. But it is overriding another attribute of danger.

The danger is outside you. It’s your reaction that is internal. And while you can certainly attempt to do something about the external situation you can always do something about your internal reactions.

Anticipating situations, designing appropriate responses, and practicing them is the heart of war gaming for military organizations, practice for sports teams, rehearsals for live stage performances. Anticipating, designing responses, and practicing.

With even a modest bit of preparation you will find your internal reactions greatly diminished when danger shows up. Money in a reserve account, extra food and water in the pantry, a strong circle of friends and family, effective restful sleep, full-on spiritual awareness, more than enough opportunities to laugh, and on and on.

Coaching Point: What reserves have you taken care of to mitigate your internal reactions when external danger arises?

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